What's on in the suburbs

What’s On



A shorter list this week. What’s On is going to be changing a bit in the next few weeks. For the time being hope you can find something to see.

Big Picture Fest, Frankston, 23-25/03

Bunjil Place, Spirit of the Great Lake’Kadawara Yaagaya’, 24/03, 6pm

The Casey Philharmonic Orchestra:Romance & Comedy, 24/03, 7pm

Drum Theatre, An Evening with Ustad Shujaat Khan & Jay Dabgar, 23/03, 7.30pm

Frankston Arts Centre, Classical Latin Grooves, 23/03, 8pm

The Ten Sopranos, 24/03, 8pm

Toorak School Mt Eliza, Musical Soiree, 26/03, 7pm


Film Releases

A Wrinkle in Time

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Peter Rabbit


As l said, a smaller list this week, but, still some interesting things to do and see. Enjoy your week.


** Any company that wishes to be included in the weekly What’s On please contact us by 3pm Wednesday.






Live theatre

All My Love

IMAG0333 (2)

Another daytime theatre show for me, but, not musical theatre this time.

All My Love is a drama about the relationship between Henry Lawson and Mary Gilmore. For my overseas readers Henry Lawson is considered an icon of colonial literature in this country and Mary Gilmore was well known for poetry and short stories.

The play stars Dion Mills as Lawson and Kim Denham as Mary Gilmore. The story is told from Mary’s point of view. Ann Brooksbank has written a play that is a poignant love story, a story of what ifs; what if Mary had agreed to marry Henry, what if Henry had stayed in London, what if….

Lawson was a complicated man with many demons and l think Dion Mills captured his character well. Kim Denham played Gilmore as a very stitched upright Victorian who had turbulent deep waters underneath. Again, l think she captured the character. The play was interspersed with poetry written by Gilmore being read out by Denham standing in a spotlight on her own. This worked well and added to the intensity of the play.

Cube 37 is a smaller theatre and has a more intimate feel that suited the intimate story being told. Just the 2 actors for close to 2 hours delivering a quality play with pathos and understanding. I believe it will tour Victoria and l would recommend you see it.

A great way to begin my first taste of drama.


**I have a confession to make. Before l saw this play l didn’t know who Mary Gilmore was and did some research when l got home. She was quite a lady, a writer and social activist. She is also, l discovered, on the Australian $10 note. Yes, l read that and quickly looked at a $10 note; there she is. I’ve never noticed it before and, boy, is my face red. I offer Dame Mary Gilmore a posthumous apology for my ignorance and am hanging my head in shame.


Galleries-Original Oz Art Gallery


It was hot here on Saturday. As l neared the bay l could feel an intermittent sea breeze, but, was still hot and bothered by the time l got to the gallery. Then l walked in and saw all the blue.

This gallery is in front of the Boathouse Restaurant and l asked the owner, Christina if this property was part of the Boathouse. She replied no, that it had been a private residence, a residence with a colourful past. This is what greeted me at the entrance.


Can you see the weatherboards behind it. The gallery reminds me of a beach house. Frankston is a beachside suburb and this is a gallery that supports local artists. Hardwood floors, white washed walls and paintings of all sizes covering every surface. I loved it.

So many beach scenes and, as l said, so much blue. Of course not all the paintings are of the beach, but, it seems so fitting that a beachside gallery have beach scene paintings. I wandered around, so envious of the talent, and was surprised at how reasonable the prices were. There are some pieces that even l could afford with a bit of saving. Look at this.


A painting by Regina Hona, isn’t it gorgeous.

This gallery also runs art demonstrations. In April there is a demonstration using Oil and in May one using Pastel. If you are interested come along. I’m afraid they would be wasted on me; l struggle to draw a round circle.

There has been a gallery on this site for the past 20 years, 19 of them as the Brialyn Gallery and now as the Original Oz Art Gallery. Thanks to Christina for allowing me to photograph inside the building and telling me of the building’s history.

It costs nothing to enter and these suburban galleries are ones l think we should support. If you’re interested in painting, there’s a cafe on the corner, grab a coffee and come along to one of the demonstrations and then it might be one of your paintings l see on the walls.

I walked out feeling calm. While waiting for the bus to go home l saw all the seagulls flying around and could only sigh and wish that l could paint them.


Original Oz Art Gallery, 368 Nepean Highway, Frankston


Open 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday


What's on in the suburbs

What’s On


Hi everyone, sorry about last week. Am feeling better and l’m ready to go. For all of the new readers of the website, this is my weekly roundup of what’s on. If you find something you’re interested in go into their individual website to buy tickets etc.

So, onto this week.

Bunjil Place, The Pirates of Penzance, 16/03, 11am

The Butterfly Club, Old Time Music Hall, 17/03, 5.30pm

Centrestage Geelong, 42nd Street, 16-24/03

The Drum Theatre, Celtic Illusion, 18/03, 7.30pm

A Prudent Man, 22/03, 7pm

Forty-five downstairs, Venus in Fur by David Ives, 9-24/03

Frankston Arts Centre, The 78-Storey Treehouse, 17/03

Women on the Verge, Cube 37, 18/03/7pm

All My Love, Cube 37, 12pm

Slams, Shrek the Musical, 16-24/03

Whitehorse Centre, The Sun Records All Stars, 17/03, 8pm

Hart, 22/03, 8pm

New Film Releases 16/03

Tomb Raider

Love Simon

7 Days in Entebbe




I can only imagine

Journey’s End

Ramen Heads


Demon House

Hope there’s something here that interests you. Enjoy your week:)


musical theatre

A Little Night Music


It’s a long time on a bus from Frankston to Nunawading, 1 hour 40 minutes if any of you are wondering. I don’t have a car and this is how l get about and l am getting about to the Whitehorse Centre to see A Little Night Music. I will admit now that l had never seen a Stephen Sondheim musical or an Ingmar Bergman film so l did some reading up before Saturday so l knew the story.

It’s my first visit to the Whitehorse Centre and this is the first of four shows that l’ll be seeing here this year. This production has professional performers and is a little more expensive, but, l had money left over from the Friday show and l really wanted to see a Stephen Sondheim musical.

It’s midsummer in Sweden and one magical night that smiles three times. Nadine Garner played the fading actress Desiree with real understanding and her rendition of Send in the Clowns was sung with such pathos. John O’May as Fredrik and Eddie Mullaumaseali’l as Count Carl-Magnus Malcome were in fine voice. Their acting was not quite up to the same standard as Nadine Garner, but l could not fault their singing. Johanna Allen as Charlotte and Jackie Rees as Madame Armfeldt both played their roles well along with great cameo performances by Anna-Francesca Armenia as Petra and Raphael Wong as Mr Linquist.

Carina Waye played Anne as an airhead and l’m not sure if that is exactly what the character is meant to be. Again, l couldn’t fault her singing. The real disappointment was Nelson Gardner as the lovesick Henrik. I think he overplayed the role, at times veering into hysteria which meant he strangled the high notes when singing. His was the only real disappointing performance.

I sat writing my notes at interval and towards the end l saw the orchestra members come out from behind the curtain for the second half. They came out in single file, all dressed in black, and one by one trooped down into the orchestra pit. It made me think of ants going about their business; ants are such busy and industrious creatures as were these talented musicians who did great justice to the sublime musical score of Stephen Sondheim.

Soon it was over and l was back at the bus stop waiting for the bus to go home. I got talking to a lady who told me that the council is going to tear down the current Whitehorse Centre and build a bigger newer theatre.  I got on the bus and made the long trek home where much later that night l found myself still humming one of the melodies.

Did l like my first Stephen Sondheim musical, yes l did.

musical theatre

Pirates of Penzance


I am the youngest in the audience by at least 30 years. This is Daytime Music & Theatre and most of those attending are seniors, but, that’s okay, the arts can be enjoyed at any age. Besides which, l have to be at work by 1pm so it’s the 10.30am session l’m seeing.

These are professional performers and the show will tour other theatres. That doesn’t mean though, that the tickets are expensive. I paid $17.00 for my ticket and what did l get for my $17.00.

There was a paired back stage with the skull and crossbones situated proudly centre stage. There was a piano, some seats and what was meant to look like a rock and that was it. The cast of 6 performed all the roles with only the piano as accompaniment, apart from a very brief section with acoustic guitar. What brilliant voices; Philip Gould as the Pirate King was so good as was Brian Hannan as the Major General. These two have years of experience and it showed. All the performers were good as was the pianist.

So l heard the songs from the Pirates of Penzance, one from Les Miserables, one from The Mikado and a little bit of Abba, along with songs about Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un and dual citizen politicians(my Australian readers will know all about them). You may be wondering what all that has to do with the Pirates of Penzance and, well, it was a bit of a mish mash played to the audience with great fun and was enjoyed by all. It finished in time for me to have lunch and then get to work on time with a smile on my face.

Don’t just dismiss Daytime shows. Yes, the crowd may be older but there are some good shows to see and they usually are cheaper tickets to buy. They have two performances, 10.30am and 1.30pm and you can even have lunch at the theatre. I don’t go to the latest hot thing or worry about what others think. I pick shows that l will like and pick performance times that suit me.

And, the savings l made on this ticket were spent on the show l saw on Saturday, more about that one on Wednesday.


** What’s On is now moving to Friday and l will be posting 3 posts per week now.