Membership and tickets


Well, l’m all signed up for next year.

I’ve taken out 12 months membership with the Frankston Arts Centre. The prices are very reasonable, $40 for a single adult membership. There are perks that come with the membership: tickets are cheaper, l get invites to previews of the shows, l can have a pre show meal at a cheaper price and l get to see what’s coming up earlier than the public too. I’ve bought tickets to 3 shows already.

Frankston Arts Centre is a suburban theatre in outer Melbourne. These are the theatres l go to because this is where, in my opinion, you can find affordable prices. I’ve gone to shows in outer suburban theatres all over Melbourne and let me tell you, l’ve never seen a bad show.

I sometimes feel like the major papers in Melbourne think that the arts stop at the outskirts of the inner city suburbs. How wrong they are, the arts are thriving in the suburbs and this is what l will be writing about.

My first show is in the first week of January. The budget is in place, l know how much l can spend and l can’t wait for it all to start. I’m going to be immersed in the arts in 2018.

Bring it on.<meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”b432075e663d4d2d9c09fb5b8971e9b3″/>


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