The Little Mermaid


IMAG0247 (2)

Another triumph for PLOS Productions.

Let me first acknowledge that l am not a professional reviewer, rather, l am someone who loves musical theatre and all opinions are my own.

I didn’t feel 100% on Sunday and almost cancelled going to the show. Boy, am l glad that l didn’t. It was a great production and to the very high standards of other PLOS shows. I will confess to not knowing the story beforehand.

The 2 leads were strong, especially Hannah Kyberd in the lead role of Ariel. Her voice is beautiful; in fact, the singing overall was excellent. Ellise  Stevens  was a great badie in the role of Aunt Ursula and the performers who played Ariel’s 6 bitchy sisters were perfect.

The orchestra, under the baton of Musical Director Malcolm Huddle, were wonderful as were the costumes and staging. I must commend whoever did the staging, it was outstanding. The underwater scenes with Ariel swimming were very cleverly done.

Overall a great production and one that l would highly recommend. If you’ve never been to a suburban theatre please, please give them a go. The quality of this show is the equal of any high price ticketed show.

I keep the cost down even further by not buying programs. I know this gives the companies more money to stage shows, but, that’s an added cost for those of us on a budget. I support all these companies by buying, and watching, their shows.

Can’t wait for the next PLOS Production.

**The Little Mermaid is playing at the Frankston Arts Centre until January 10.


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