A suburban kind of feeling


You may be wondering what this pile of hankies has to do with the arts. It’s the same with this stack of books.


Yes, l like J.D. Robb as a writer, but, there’s something else about these books and hankies.

I’m low income and live within my means on a budget. I’m also a plastic free, zero waste minimalist who is living a frugal life in the suburbs of Melbourne. I also love, love, love the arts.

l go to free exhibitions but, the theatre shows need to paid for. By sticking to local suburban productions the costs are lower but there is still a cost. So how do l do it?

By living frugally. I pay my rent and bills and then, only then, do l spend my money on what interests me- the arts. Using hankies instead of tissues saves money and  l borrow all my books from my local library; l rarely buy takeaway coffees, lunches etc, don’t buy new clothes, waste food or money. In fact, l don’t buy anything new, instead making a lot of what l use.

Do you know that by making my own yoghurt and using hankies vs tissues saves me nearly $200 a year. Just think of how many tickets l could buy with that amount of money. Making little savings each week all add up over the year and it lets me live a grand life enjoying my shows.

Of course, you don’t have to do what l do, rather, this is an explanation on how it is possible to love the arts on a budget.


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