The Ian Potter Centre

It’s a mild blue sky day and l’m sitting on a train going into the city. My lunch and a drink are in my bag along with a book to read on the train.

I’m going to see The Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square; a museum that is dedicated to Australian art. It forms part of the National Gallery of Victoria, but, as many times as l’ve been to the St Kilda Road Gallery, l’ve never been to The Ian Potter Centre. Today is the day.

So many fabulous pieces of art, so many talented Australian artists. Some are very well know to me; Boyd, Nolan, Tucker, Williams and Streeton. This piece by John Brack, entitle The Bar screams Australian to me.


I especially liked this Joy Hester piece called Man in cork hat.


As did this painting by Fred Williams called Cricketer.


That baggy green cap holds a special place in the hearts of cricket loving Australians.

I also like Arthur Boyd’s work. There’s just something about his paintings that draws me back again and again.


This piece is called Bride and groom by a creek.

This piece is called Astrid


It’s part of the Paramor’s Supermodel series.

Look at the talent of this artist, Claudia Moodoonuthi


And l’ll finish with a very well known painting, A sergeant of the Light Horse, by George W. Lambert.


A happy couple of hours spent taking in all this wonderful art and it costs nothing to see it. For those of us on a budget exhibitions at Galleries and Museums are often for free and well worth seeing.

I went home happy with my afternoon and gave a quiet thanks to the generosity of Ian Potter who gave so much to the arts.

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