Booking fees and transport


Tickets, tickets and more tickets.

You’ve done your budget, looked at What’s on in the suburbs and found a show you’ld like to see. You go onto the website, choose your seat and proceed to checkout only to find that the ticket now costs more; booking fees, there is always a booking fee.

The last ticket l bought had a $3.00 booking fee and, if l had chosen to have it posted to me, there would have been a postage charge as well. Whether you’re buying tickets to the theatre or a concert or an exhibition, you will always pay a booking fee.

Next, what session are you going to see, how are you going to get there. If the performance is at night will you drive there, catch the train or catch a taxi/uber. Do you feel save travelling on public transport at night, is the venue accessible by public transport, do you have to pay for parking; all this will add to the cost of a ticket and determine which session you see. I see a lot of shows on my own and don’t drive so l tend to stick to matinee performances.

It might seem that l’m stating the obvious, but, when you are on a budget and only have x amount of dollars to spend you have to consider all these costs. It’s all coming out of the same account. When looking at shows to see, and don’t l love doing that, l always factor in another $5-10 on top of the advertised ticket price. It helps me budget correctly and l never leave myself short or let the account get overdrawn.

Another way l continue to keep loving the arts on a budget.

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