What’s On


Okay, the arts scene is coming alive. There’s a mixed bag this week so here we go

Altona Theatre Company

Looking for interest from production teams for the July Pantomime. Closing date for applications is 01/03/03. Do you have a great idea for a pantomime?? Check the website for details.

Brighton Theatre Company

In the next room, 15/02-03/03

Bunjil Place

Casey Chamber Musicians: Beethoven and Poulenc, 04/03 2pm

The Butterfly Club

Glee Club, every Tuesday 6.30pm

Melbourne’s Best Burlesque, 28/02, 01/03, 02/03 7pm.

FortyFive Downstairs

None but the Lonely Heart, 02/03 7pm

Saray IIuminado, 28/02 6.30pm

The Ones by Peter Rose, 26/02 6pm, ticket price includes free glass of wine.

Frankston Arts Centre

Anthology of Tango, 03/03 8pm

Ben Waters with special guest Derek Nash, 03/03 8pm, Cube 37

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria

Gold and Silver Operetta, 24/25/02-03/04, 2pm, Sassafras

National Theatre

A Little Night Music, 28/02-03/03

Alice in Wonderland, 03-05/03, 10am & 12.30pm

New Film Releases for 22/02


A Fantastic Woman

Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead

Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars

Finding your Feet

Game Night

Hibiscus & Ruthless

Operation Red Sea



Between Land and Sea, 23/02

Hope there’s something there for everyone. What about an idea for a pantomime to Altona Theatre Company. Did you notice that l’ve actually managed to list the companies alphabetically: at last. February is a short month so l have included some things starting in early March.

Hope you can out and enjoy the arts in the coming week.




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