What’s on


It’s March already, where is the time going. Onto the week

The Drum Theatre

Strassman’s “TedE”, 03/03, 7pm

Peridot Theatre

Play in a day, 03/03

Monash Academy of Performing Arts

The King’s Singer Gold 50, 04/03 Clayton Campus

Fortyfive downstairs

Thousand Kisses Deep, 06-17/03, Tue-Sat, free admission

The Butterfly Club

Glutta Supernova: Bodymap, 06/03 8.30pm

It’s Not Easy Being Green, 07/03, 7pm

New Film Releases 02/03

Red Sparrow

Death Wish


They Remain



Dance Academy: The Movie

A shorter list this week, but, still some things of interest. I’m hoping to start listing local exhibitions soon, so stay tuned.

Hope you can all get out and enjoy the arts this week.


**Any companies wishing to have productions listed please submit details by 3pm Wednesday. Details on Contact page.


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