No sponsored posts

I thought that l would clarify what Loving the arts on a budget is. Primarily it is a website that promotes affordable arts. I am a big supporter of community theatre as l believe these are the shows those of us on low incomes can afford. Local galleries, state galleries, occasional films(always seen on 1/2 price Tuesday) and other free events.

When l was putting this website together one of the first things l thought of was no sponsored posts. Everything that l review is something that l have paid for. Free tickets have been offered which l have politely declined as l don’t want anything to influence my reviews. I will be seeing 2 ballets this year, one is a present for my much loved sister’s birthday and then, a few months later, l am being taken to the ballet for my birthday. A very dear friend has bought me a ticket. I will not review either performance as l see these as very separate to this website.

What has that got to do with free tickets you may ask, well, who’s to say that that free ticket might not colour my opinion or make me feel like l have to like  the production. It’s not a chance l’m willing to take. I know other websites will happily take sponsored posts, but, not me.

So when you read one of my reviews read it knowing that l’m a punter like you who has paid for my ticket and l’m sitting in the cheap seats enjoying the show.

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