Pirates of Penzance


I am the youngest in the audience by at least 30 years. This is Daytime Music & Theatre and most of those attending are seniors, but, that’s okay, the arts can be enjoyed at any age. Besides which, l have to be at work by 1pm so it’s the 10.30am session l’m seeing.

These are professional performers and the show will tour other theatres. That doesn’t mean though, that the tickets are expensive. I paid $17.00 for my ticket and what did l get for my $17.00.

There was a paired back stage with the skull and crossbones situated proudly centre stage. There was a piano, some seats and what was meant to look like a rock and that was it. The cast of 6 performed all the roles with only the piano as accompaniment, apart from a very brief section with acoustic guitar. What brilliant voices; Philip Gould as the Pirate King was so good as was Brian Hannan as the Major General. These two have years of experience and it showed. All the performers were good as was the pianist.

So l heard the songs from the Pirates of Penzance, one from Les Miserables, one from The Mikado and a little bit of Abba, along with songs about Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un and dual citizen politicians(my Australian readers will know all about them). You may be wondering what all that has to do with the Pirates of Penzance and, well, it was a bit of a mish mash played to the audience with great fun and was enjoyed by all. It finished in time for me to have lunch and then get to work on time with a smile on my face.

Don’t just dismiss Daytime shows. Yes, the crowd may be older but there are some good shows to see and they usually are cheaper tickets to buy. They have two performances, 10.30am and 1.30pm and you can even have lunch at the theatre. I don’t go to the latest hot thing or worry about what others think. I pick shows that l will like and pick performance times that suit me.

And, the savings l made on this ticket were spent on the show l saw on Saturday, more about that one on Wednesday.


** What’s On is now moving to Friday and l will be posting 3 posts per week now.

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