What’s On


Hi everyone, sorry about last week. Am feeling better and l’m ready to go. For all of the new readers of the website, this is my weekly roundup of what’s on. If you find something you’re interested in go into their individual website to buy tickets etc.

So, onto this week.

Bunjil Place, The Pirates of Penzance, 16/03, 11am

The Butterfly Club, Old Time Music Hall, 17/03, 5.30pm

Centrestage Geelong, 42nd Street, 16-24/03

The Drum Theatre, Celtic Illusion, 18/03, 7.30pm

A Prudent Man, 22/03, 7pm

Forty-five downstairs, Venus in Fur by David Ives, 9-24/03

Frankston Arts Centre, The 78-Storey Treehouse, 17/03

Women on the Verge, Cube 37, 18/03/7pm

All My Love, Cube 37, 12pm

Slams, Shrek the Musical, 16-24/03

Whitehorse Centre, The Sun Records All Stars, 17/03, 8pm

Hart, 22/03, 8pm

New Film Releases 16/03

Tomb Raider

Love Simon

7 Days in Entebbe




I can only imagine

Journey’s End

Ramen Heads


Demon House

Hope there’s something here that interests you. Enjoy your week:)


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