Galleries-Original Oz Art Gallery


It was hot here on Saturday. As l neared the bay l could feel an intermittent sea breeze, but, was still hot and bothered by the time l got to the gallery. Then l walked in and saw all the blue.

This gallery is in front of the Boathouse Restaurant and l asked the owner, Christina if this property was part of the Boathouse. She replied no, that it had been a private residence, a residence with a colourful past. This is what greeted me at the entrance.


Can you see the weatherboards behind it. The gallery reminds me of a beach house. Frankston is a beachside suburb and this is a gallery that supports local artists. Hardwood floors, white washed walls and paintings of all sizes covering every surface. I loved it.

So many beach scenes and, as l said, so much blue. Of course not all the paintings are of the beach, but, it seems so fitting that a beachside gallery have beach scene paintings. I wandered around, so envious of the talent, and was surprised at how reasonable the prices were. There are some pieces that even l could afford with a bit of saving. Look at this.


A painting by Regina Hona, isn’t it gorgeous.

This gallery also runs art demonstrations. In April there is a demonstration using Oil and in May one using Pastel. If you are interested come along. I’m afraid they would be wasted on me; l struggle to draw a round circle.

There has been a gallery on this site for the past 20 years, 19 of them as the Brialyn Gallery and now as the Original Oz Art Gallery. Thanks to Christina for allowing me to photograph inside the building and telling me of the building’s history.

It costs nothing to enter and these suburban galleries are ones l think we should support. If you’re interested in painting, there’s a cafe on the corner, grab a coffee and come along to one of the demonstrations and then it might be one of your paintings l see on the walls.

I walked out feeling calm. While waiting for the bus to go home l saw all the seagulls flying around and could only sigh and wish that l could paint them.


Original Oz Art Gallery, 368 Nepean Highway, Frankston

Open 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday


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