All My Love

IMAG0333 (2)

Another daytime theatre show for me, but, not musical theatre this time.

All My Love is a drama about the relationship between Henry Lawson and Mary Gilmore. For my overseas readers Henry Lawson is considered an icon of colonial literature in this country and Mary Gilmore was well known for poetry and short stories.

The play stars Dion Mills as Lawson and Kim Denham as Mary Gilmore. The story is told from Mary’s point of view. Ann Brooksbank has written a play that is a poignant love story, a story of what ifs; what if Mary had agreed to marry Henry, what if Henry had stayed in London, what if….

Lawson was a complicated man with many demons and l think Dion Mills captured his character well. Kim Denham played Gilmore as a very stitched upright Victorian who had turbulent deep waters underneath. Again, l think she captured the character. The play was interspersed with poetry written by Gilmore being read out by Denham standing in a spotlight on her own. This worked well and added to the intensity of the play.

Cube 37 is a smaller theatre and has a more intimate feel that suited the intimate story being told. Just the 2 actors for close to 2 hours delivering a quality play with pathos and understanding. I believe it will tour Victoria and l would recommend you see it.

A great way to begin my first taste of drama.


**I have a confession to make. Before l saw this play l didn’t know who Mary Gilmore was and did some research when l got home. She was quite a lady, a writer and social activist. She is also, l discovered, on the Australian $10 note. Yes, l read that and quickly looked at a $10 note; there she is. I’ve never noticed it before and, boy, is my face red. I offer Dame Mary Gilmore a posthumous apology for my ignorance and am hanging my head in shame.

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