Big Picture Fest

Did any of you go to the Big Picture Fest in Frankston on the weekend?? I listed it in What’s On last week.  The alleyways of Frankston were transformed by talented street artists.

I went Friday morning, wandering around , introducing myself to the artists and l had a chat to Richard Brecknock, Manager of the Walls. There was a photography group out as well; they were the ones with the flash cameras and there was me right in the middle with my phone.

Onto some of the art. Just look at these,

Artist: Lucy Bonnin
Artist: Loretta Lizzio
Artist: Zedr
Artist: Jimmy Dvale
Artist: Smugone

This is the inaugural event and here’s hoping that it’s back next year. They started painting on Monday and there were organised tours over the weekend.

Not all great art hangs on gallery walls. I assume most of the artists started with graffiti and, having zero street cred myself, l don’t think all graffiti is art, but, sometimes amongst it all you can see something good. These people are artists, just look at their work. I think you can either paint or not, it’s a talent that is noticeable in whatever form it takes.

I only wish that l could something so good, in the same way l’ld like to sing in tune and maybe dance with some rhythm. None of that is going to happen anytime soon so l will keep being a fan and support the arts in my own way and isn’t this better than endless ads and billboards.

Of course, l don’t have to mention that this is loving the arts on a budget 101, FREE ENTERTAINMENT.

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