Jordan Richardson – Exhibition

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Last Tuesday was a lucky day for me. I had been meaning to pick up a ticket from Frankston Arts Centre for over a week and kept forgetting about it. Last Tuesday was the day, l decided, to pick it up.

In l went; had a good talk to Kaz who printed the ticket for me and was headed out the door when l saw an exhibition being set up. My arts antennae pointed in that direction and so did l. This is what l saw.


They’re all photos of the same scene but arranged differently. Artwork has also been incorporated and, l have to say, l think they look fantastic.


The exhibition is called fractured and it does look like a photo that’s been taken with a fractured screen. I don’t quite know the artistic term for this, l just like the way they look.


Jordan allowed me to photograph anything l wanted and forwarded the poster for me to use in this review. I chose all Melbourne landmarks and the end result is very striking, it just works as a whole picture.


I recognised the Palais Theatre straight away and the doughnut vans.


Thanks to Jordan for chatting with me despite a bad case of laryngitis. He is a Melbourne based artist and this exhibition is running for 3 months at the Frankston Arts Centre. I’ve been seeing a lot of art lately and have come to realise that l’m drawn to the colour blue; blue skies and blue water, l start walking towards the pictures without even realising it.

I also love the fact that art is all around us, you just have to look. Come and see Jordan’s work, entry is free and the Frankston Arts Centre is open 6 days a week. Of course, if you’re in seeing a show you will see these pictures on the curved wall gallery. Take some time and really look at them. I think you might just love them like l did.

Jordan Richardson- Fractured, Frankston Arts Centre, 5th March to 25th June.



2 thoughts on “Jordan Richardson – Exhibition

  1. How do I go about purchasing a Jordan Richardson Feactured piece if artwork preferably Luna Park
    Please could you contact me ASAP


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