Moscow Ballet la Classique

My sister and l went to the ballet on Friday. I’m not going to go into details as it was a private time for us both and her birthday present. Suffice to say we both thought it was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the night.

We did notice on Friday  that there was no orchestra accompanying the dancers which is unusual as most ballet have their own orchestra. The next day my sister phoned to let me know that they never travel with an orchestra. The rationale for this is that the company believes that it helps keep down the cost of their tickets. They also go out and play in suburban and country theatres.

I looked into this myself and this is exactly what Moscow Ballet la Classique do and l say kudos to them; what a wonderful gift to the public, lower prices and more accessibility. Another great example of affordable arts.

I will support this company again and keep seeing their shows. I love the dancing and the ethos of the company. If only there were more arts companies like Moscow Ballet la Classique.

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