Beethoven and me


Ludwig van Beethoven, musical genius and suffered from hearing loss. Rosie Mac, zero musical ability and also suffering from hearing loss, having hearing aids fitted on Wednesday.

You may be wondering why l’m telling you all this, well, l read an article last week claiming that Beethoven originally thought putting Ode to Joy at the end of his 9th Symphony was a mistake. I’ve heard Ode to Joy, l think most people have, and had a vague recollection that he was the composer who was deaf. That led me to look him up and then onto youtube to hear the 9th Symphony.

I do not consider myself a lover of classical music, but, last Thursday l sat and listened to the whole 1 hour 13 minutes of the West East Divan Orchestra and the National Youth Choir of Great Britians’ performance of the ‘Choral’ Symphony No 9 in D minor. I was transfixed and that sent me on the hunt for affordable classical musical performances.

Did l find anything, you should know me well by now, of course l did, Sunday August 19 Frankston Music Society presents An afternoon at the Proms; half the fun of this website is tracking down affordable shows. I don’t think that Beethoven is on the bill but it looks interesting all the same.

So l will be wearing hearing aids( I’m too young!!!) like Beethoven; now if only l had some of his musical talent too….

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