Beauty and the Beast

IMAG0372 (2)

Bravo to the Panorama Theatre Company.

I don’t know if l have seen any of their productions before, but, after Sunday l will definitely be seeing their future shows. Beauty and the Beast was a triumph; the whole production was so good. The singing and dancing were both of a high standard and there really wasn’t one bad performance. Everyone played their role and contributed to a show they all should be proud of.

Madeleine Corbet was a fine Belle, Lachlan Casey-Roleff played the mincing Lumiere well and Jarrod Barke was superb as the narcissistic Gaston. To see him strutting and posing around the stage was a highlight of the show. The choreography and music all worked well and the crowd showed their appreciation with thunderous applause at show’s end.

I’m not a accredited media person so am not allowed to photograph the performers in costume but l did manage a photograph of the orchestra performing their final piece.

IMAG0373 (2)

Not the best photo but l wanted to show them as they were integral to the success of the show. Live music adds something special to musical theatre.

While l was wondering around the foyer before the show l noticed a lot of little girls wearing yellow dresses, in fact, it was the same yellow dress on all of them. If l don’t know something l believe in asking someone in the know and so it was this time; a sweet little girl named Jade informed me that Belle wears a yellow dress in the movie. Being a matinee performance there were a lot of kids who couldn’t contain their excitement, or sit still.

A wonderful production and kudos to Panorama Theatre Company. Can’t wait for their next show.

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