Meeting the Vikings




Yes, l finally managed to see The Vikings.



This grand old dame is The Exhibition Building; isn’t it beautiful. The first sitting of the Australian Parliament was held here and, although l was there to visit the museum( which sits behind ) l did take some time to walk around the old girl. I think she’s stunning ( and l’m not talking about the lady who was also taking a photo ).

I went on a weekday and there were school groups visiting as well. I noticed one group from a Primary School in Bendigo were doing what l did, eating their lunch that had come from home in the gardens. I always take my own lunch and drink as this keeps the cost of the day down.

Onto the exhibition.


Look at this replica of a Viking boat. I stood there looking at it wondering how they managed to sail across the North Sea and beyond. It’s an open wooden boat so how did they do it.

There were swords,


a replica of a Viking hat (think of the Wagner Operas)


and replicas of stone tablets that have been found.


It was the everyday things that were of most interest to me, feast your eyes ladies on the jewellery.


Coins from the era.


I even managed to spell my name in runes.


There is so much more to see and it was such an interesting exhibition. I like seeing how people lived. There has been some conjecture from some commentators about the museum’s decision not to show the skeletal remains of a Viking. I agree with the museum, show respect to the dead. I don’t need to see remains and don’t like the thought of anyone l know being dug up and put on display; l’m happy just looking at how they lived.

I did plan to see more of the museum, but was still feeling the effects of my fall earlier in the week and, after about an hour, decided to head home. A return visit is definitely on my to do list.

The exhibition is on until August and l highly recommend you see it.






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