Music everywhere

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Now, you may be wondering what my coffee cup has to do with music everywhere, well, let me tell you.

A couple of weeks ago l had a rare takeaway coffee and, of course, l used my own reusable mug. I went to a cafe in Frankston called Trims and found out they have regular live entertainment. Actually, what l did was place my order, hand over my mug and stand around waiting. While standing near the counter l noticed a bottle of Gin( l love Gin and can spot a bottle anywhere), thought oh they must be licensed and then thought maybe they stay open late and then decided to ask a staff member if this was the case.

The answer was yes; they are fully licensed and have live entertainment every Friday with no cover charge, l thought. That must have been on Wednesday because on Sunday that week l saw someone playing and singing outside another cafe in Frankston, eeny meeny. Again it got me thinking.

So last week l went into eeny meeny and asked about the person l’d seen on that Sunday. I was told it was all part of the Frankston Music Festival, an event l completely missed somehow. There had been a Saturday night performance( which went off with a bang) and a Sunday pm performance that l saw from the bus. eeny meeny don’t have regular performances, but, it is something they’re thinking of. They have a great courtyard so l hope it happens.

All this got me thinking about the entertainment that surrounds us without us even noticing. Public libraries will often put on music on Sunday afternoons as will many other venues. All you have to do is look and, remember, there’s no cover charge for this kind of entertainment. If you want to buy a drink or food you can or you can sit there and listen to the music.

Go for a walk in your suburb and see what’s happening at your local cafe.


You can find both cafes on Facebook:





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