What’s On


Something different again this week. I’m listing some photographic exhibitions and some films. I like to highlight something different each week.

Some of you may be wondering why l don’t review many films; well, that’s because there’s not many films that interest me these days, although there are some coming up that do look interesting.

Anyway on with the list,

Photographic Exhibitions:

Centre for Contemporary Photography

The Art of Collecting, 18/05-27/05

National Gallery of Victoria

Festival of Photography:

Bill Henson, 10/03-23/08

Zoe Croggon: Tenebrae, 17/03-30/07

Ross Coulter: Audience, 17/03-16/07

Contemporary Photography, 17/03-18/07

Patrick Pound: The Great Exhibition, 31/03-30/07


New Film Releases: 10/05/18


Crooked House

Life of the Party

Midnight Oil 1984

On Body and Soul



That’s it for this week. Hope you can all get out and enjoy the arts, even though we are gearing up for a wet and cold few days in Melbourne; great weather for getting inside and seeing a film perhaps?

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