Saying goodbye, sort of

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in writing this post. It’s been a busy time and we’ve been grappling with computer stuff that neither of us understand.

So, l’ll get right to it. I’m stepping back from Loving the arts on a budget. There’s a lot going on, which l won’t get into, and l don’t have time to devote to this website for the time being. I’m going to miss it, but, have been in discussions with my friend Jo and she is going to take up the baton and keep writing, and supporting, affordable arts.

We tried to move this website over to the new one, but, couldn’t manage it and Jo decided to start afresh with her own design and name.

Jo and l are very alike and have similar interests so, hopefully, you won’t notice much change in the writing of reviews.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read the site; it will stay up on WordPress for the time being. If you want to keep reading about affordable arts you can now head to I think she’s putting her 1st post on tonight as l know she’s seen some good shows lately.

Thanks again and goodbye.

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