Murder at Checkmate Manor

It was cold and overcast yesterday as l made my way down to Mt Eliza Community Centre for Frankston Theatre Group’s production of Murder at Checkmate Manor. I say Frankston Theatre Group, but, it was actually the upstanding ladies of The Farnsdale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society who put on this murder mystery. […]

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Beauty and the Beast

Bravo to the Panorama Theatre Company. I don’t know if l have seen any of their productions before, but, after Sunday l will definitely be seeing their future shows. Beauty and the Beast was a triumph; the whole production was so good. The singing and dancing were both of a high standard and there really […]

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A Little Night Music

It’s a long time on a bus from Frankston to Nunawading, 1 hour 40 minutes if any of you are wondering. I don’t have a car and this is how l get about and l am getting about to the Whitehorse Centre to see A Little Night Music. I will admit now that l had […]

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Pirates of Penzance

I am the youngest in the audience by at least 30 years. This is Daytime Music & Theatre and most of those attending are seniors, but, that’s okay, the arts can be enjoyed at any age. Besides which, l have to be at work by 1pm so it’s the 10.30am session l’m seeing. These are […]

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Thinking outside the box

The hit musical Beautiful is currently playing in Melbourne. It’s getting great reviews and looks fantastic. So does the ticket price; ranging from $70( with a restricted view) up to an eye watering $195. Good luck to those who are going, but, what about those of us who can’t afford to pay that much. Well, […]

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We’re in the car winding our way to Pakenham. It’s that strange juxtapostion of urban meeting rural and then being urban again that occurs in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. We’re heading to The Cardinia Cultural Centre to see the Cardinia Performing Arts Company(CPAC) perform Annie. Here she is, Maya Corbett for this performance. There […]

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The Little Mermaid

  Another triumph for PLOS Productions. Let me first acknowledge that l am not a professional reviewer, rather, l am someone who loves musical theatre and all opinions are my own. I didn’t feel 100% on Sunday and almost cancelled going to the show. Boy, am l glad that l didn’t. It was a great […]

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